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Rental & Short Period Hires Insurance


We know your company survives and flourishes on income produced from renting your equipment and have identified the following areas of cover to protect both your assets and income.

Our recommended theft cover includes as standard:

  • Fraudulent theft by hirer
  • Theft from location/hotel rooms, theft from unattended vehicles (subject to specific conditions).

In addition to covering the physical aspect of your equipment, our policy will include cover to protect your loss of income picking up the costs of alternative hire and continuing hire charges.

Short Period Hires

Should you wish to hire equipment from a rental company for a temporary period we are able to offer hired in equipment insurance on a job by job basis. The short period policies can also be expanded to include production risks and liability cover within the production insurance package.

If you would like to obtain a short period quotation for TV & film or production insurance, please go to the ‘Get a Quote’ section on the website and provide brief details for our new business team to contact you or call us on 01206 500000.

Fraudulent Theft Alerts

We also actively promote our recommended technical hire procedures, which provide a range of checks that we would advise are carried out on hirers prior to releasing equipment. Over the years our fraudulent hire theft alerts have helped to prevent further losses once details of the perpetrators have been confirmed by the Police.