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5 July 2013

Attempted Burglary

A large Broadcast Rental/Facilities company in West London had an attempted break-in last night to their premises.

The five would be burglars were unable to gain access, however, they did damage the external alarm siren and the fog bandit was triggered.  Luckily, the physical security measures in place prevented access to the building.

This follows a recent break-in at another Facilities Company based in London SW11 on 21 June 2013 where a large number of cameras and lenses were taken.

We are also aware of at least one other large break-in to a Rental Company in North West London in June.

There is no proof that these burglaries are linked, however, it must be a strong possibility.

Our continued advice is to ensure all physical security measures at your premises are in place and working and alarms are in full operation whenever your premises are left unattended.  Ensure all staff remain vigilant and continue to monitor all new visitors to your premises.  A regular review of your security is always a good idea.

3 July 2013

Cybercrime loses small businesses £785 million


Cyber Security & Fraud Report - The impact on small businesses.

Cybercrime costs small businesses around £785 million per year as they fall victim to fraud and online crime.

The report shows that 41% of Federation of Small Business members have fallen victim to cybercrime in the last 12 months, the average cost is around £4,000 per business. The most common threat is virus infections, with 20% falling victim. 

Top Ten Tips to Protect Your Business

  1. Implement a combination of security protection solutions (anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall).
  2. Carry out regular security updates on all software and devices.
  3. Implement a resilient password policy.
  4. Secure your wireless network.
  5. Implement clear and concise procedures for email, internet and mobile devices.
  6. Train staff in good security practices and consider employee background checks.
  7. Implement and test backup plans, information disposal and disaster recovery procedures.
  8. Carry out regular security risk assessments to identify important information and systems.
  9. Carry out regular security testing on the business website.
  10. Check provider credentials and contracts when using cloud services.

Interview with James Brokenshire MP Parliamentary Under Secretary for Security, Home Office .

"Having personally been involved in the cyber security debate for several years now, I am pleased that the Home Office is working with the FSB to highlight the current experiences of small businesses".

"Cyber security is a crucial part of the Government's National Cyber Security Strategy and we need to make sure that all businesses, large and small are engaged in implementing appropriate prevention measures in their business. This report will help give a greater understanding of how online security and fraud issues affect small businesses, giving guidance as well as valuable top tips to protect their business”.