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24 October 2013

Fraudulent Hire Alert

We have been advised today of at least two fraudulent theft losses, both carried out by a company calling themselves "Film Services London Ltd".

Further details at this stage are limited, but both were carried out within the last couple days.

The gang have targeted "8 x lenses" in both incidents, totalling a sizable value.  We understand that it is highly likely that further companies have also been hit by the same gang, very recently.

We would reiterate again the importance of thorough hire checks on all hirers, but in particular new companies. 

Please report any further incidents, of the above company looking to hire equipment, to us so we can pass onto the relevant investigating teams.

3 October 2013

UK Screen & Shining Stars


Allan Chapman & James are one of the UK screens longest serving sponsors. We are also the proud sponsor of their exciting recognition scheme, Shining Stars. Shining Stars is designed to motivate and reward non-creative employees within the UK Screen member companies, who often fulfil invaluable but unsung roles.

ACJ saw big changes last year when we became part of the Integro Insurance Group, an International broker headquartered in New York.

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