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12 December 2013

Thefts at Camera Facility Companies

Traditionally owners of Camera Hire Companies have felt vulnerable from thefts of equipment from their premises after working hours. Thieves normally came through obvious security weak points (doors/windows) and over the past few years you have all worked very hard to increase the level of security to take into account these types of break-ins. 

In the last few months, however, we have seen a shift in the way thieves have targeted premises in order to gain entry. Some have come through brick walls, air conditioning units and even on an occasion, managed to gain access to the premises from 4 metres high and as such, we would strongly recommend that you review your security arrangements thoroughly to take this new approach into account.

Please review where your equipment is stored in relation to walls and where the current PIR sensors are, as now even a wall is a potential weak spot. Many clients are installing vibration sensors on their walls or installing infra red beams between the walls and the racking where the equipment is stored and generally adding more PIRs.
Please look at your present arrangements