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28 October 2014

Urgent Alert - Fraudulent Hire

In the spirit of passing on information that becomes available to us, we have been advised of a possible fraudulent hire, which you should all be aware of to prevent further losses.

The individual is called Shadi Mohajer (DOB 19/03/84) and a copy of her driving licence is attached.  She also provided ID documents for Flat 17, 7 Spring Place, London NW5 3AS.  The equipment that she hired on this occasion was a Canon C300 along with lenses.

I would reiterate again the importance of thorough hire checks, in particular on new customers to your company.  Please advise all relevant staff of the above name in case she makes contact with you, in readiness for another attempt.

The ID Used was Driving Licence.  Click to view.


1 October 2014

Armed Robberies of Cash

We have recently seen a rise in incidents involving Armed Robberies of large amounts of cash from Production Companies.

Clearly the thieves are either very lucky or have followed the people carrying these amounts of cash from the Bank having just made a substantial withdrawal.

It is imperative that you check the levels of cover that you hold under the Money section of your policy and fully comply with the Accompaniment Condition that will stipulate how many people are required to accompany this amount of cash.

If you are carrying in excess of the amounts covered under your policy then your Insurers must be advised to see what additional security measures will need to be taken to ensure that you are covered.

For further information please get in touch with your usual insurance contacts.