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15 June 2016

Fraudulent Hire Alert

In the spirit of passing on information that becomes available to us, we have been advised today of a possible fraudulent theft attempt.

The hirer gave the name David Jones and claimed to represent BBC Studioworks.  The hirer was able to provide BBC purchase orders and telephone numbers which went through to the BBC, however, they hadn’t heard of the name.  The name, David Jones was used in March 2012, again in connection to the BBC on a number of reported incidents.

Other hire companies have reported similar approaches as reported in Broadcast Magazine on 2 March 2012.  Suspicion was raised as a generic email address was used by the hirer.

I would reiterate again the importance of thorough hire checks on all hirers, but also in particular on new customers to your company.

Please click on the following link XHire for further information.