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27 August 2015

Fraudulent Hire Alert

We have today been advised of a Fraudulent Hire involving Camera Equipment to the value of £13,000 from a company based in London SE16.

The company targeted rarely ‘dry hire’ but did so on this occasion.

It would appear to be a case of ‘Identity Theft’ and in no way is the real ‘Oliver Woodbridge’ involved in the incident outlined below.

The hire was for one day only, Tuesday 25th August 2015. The person involved has stolen the identity of an Oliver Woodbridge, living in Southampton. The driving licence and utility bills provided all tie up to the same address and a Short Period Insurance Policy purchased.

The driving licence photo appears to have been created in Photoshop, as it is a slightly different shade of pink to normal. The Energy Bill (EDF) provider does not supply energy to the address provided and the Water Bill provider does not cover this area, so quite clearly fraudulent.

The email address provided is also a hotmail account. Please note these details and send to other rental companies in case he is still attempting more rental thefts under this name.

We would reiterate again the importance of thorough hire checks at all times, particularly new customers.